I have to say that Kathleen has actually changed my life. From when I started going to her until now I not only feel like a different person but I have had other people say they have really seen me turn a corner with issues I have had in the past just disappear after the work and tools I have learned and used with Kathleen. She is truly talented and has gifts that no one I have ever met has. From her chakra healing to meditations and massage she is the most well-rounded healer I have ever gone to.
— Kael, Colorado

After sustaining a pelvic fracture, I was very fortunate to receive a massage and acupressure treatment from Kathleen. I found the quality of care she offered soothed and softened the muscles around the pelvis and thighs, and settled my entire nervous system. This massage in particular and a few subsequent treatments with her seemed to set the stage for what seemed to be a more rapid and less stressful recovery.
I found that she worked intuitively with a number of different tools that seemed tailored to the full spectrum of my needs in the moment. I was very impressed with the fluid way she move around my
body using acupressure holding points which felt especially nurturing to my nervous system. It allowed me to get fully relaxed to receive the massage work that followed.
Kathleen’s love and skill in her craft rings true loud and clear in her work!
— Douglas Wisoff, PT, Colorado

Kathleen’s work has helped me connect the dots like no other practitioner I’ve worked with. Deep diving, transformative, rapid + nurturing. I feel immensely grateful to have found her.
— Sarah, Colorado

I have worked with Kathleen through my life’s most significant challenges. I get tremendous insight from our sessions, as well as healing and relaxation. I feel seen and heard by Kathleen, and she is very loving, kind, and understanding. She is also extremely knowledgable and very experienced, so it feels like she always has just the right technique / tool to use or wisdom to share during our sessions. Kathleen is very welcoming, and her studio is beautiful, peaceful and very comfortable. The work we’ve done together is invaluable as it has truly helped me grow and evolve as a person, and I feel a much greater sense of wellbeing. I highly recommend Kathleen!
— Melissa, Colorado

Kathleen’s work has not only helped me attain and develop tools I use to maintain a close relationship to the light but also an awareness of who I am and what I want to cultivate with other people around me. Her skills as a mentor and guide have helped me grow in all aspects of my spirit, emotional and physical bodies.
— Alana, California

Kathleen has been such a place of grace in my life since we met...the tools she has provided, the generosity, the wisdom, and the magic she has infused into my life has really been the catalyst for keeping the hope, remembering that I am worthy of this light, and helping me to shift...so can I just say thank you!
— Tracy, Colorado

I fully recommend Kathleen and her powerful, effective and loving work. While quite difficult to sum up, my work with Kathleen has left me feeling 100% seen and validated, “magically” and effectively cleared of any muddled thought or sensation I may have arrived with, and with some amazing clarity toward what areas could use my loving focus. She is a true nurturer, a powerful healer with mad-skills at clearing, and encourages onward and upward momentum via her impressive and extensive knowledge, experience, and gifting. Thank you, Kathleen.
— Julie, Colorado