A 12 - session series designed to dive deeper.


Session 1: Inquiry, Investigation: Stage 1 Clearing

In this first session, we bring awareness to discomfort, pain and blocks both in the body and emotions. We begin with an hour of discussion and reflection, followed by body-sensing, relaxation through massage and selenite wand instruction for chakra clearing.


Tools: Selenite Wand, silk rose and Chakra Spinning meditation.


Session 2: Deeper Inquiry: Stage 2 Clearing

Find greater self-awareness through inquiry, investigation and diagnostic practices. Through conversation and  physical palpation of the body, as well as intuitive reading, I will guide you towards identifying and understanding the root of the pain or discomfort.  We will discuss patterns that you would like to change with regard to relationships, health and life purpose.

Tools: Utilizing the image of the rose for clearing negative emotions.  Rose spray for inspiration and comfort. Diamond Shield Activation for empowerment and emotional stability.  Selenite crystal wand for chakra clearing and aura brushing.


Session 3: Energy Protection and Chakra Repatterning™ :  Stage 3 Clearing


Together, we build a star tetrahedron shield around the body using the energy we have harnessed. This builds on the therapeutic practice of body sensing and provides a feeling of empowerment within the shield. You will be given a star tetrahedron to take home to facilitate your personal practice.  We will also begin to do some Chakra Repatterning™ to replace old patterns with new.

Tools: Star Tetrahedron and meditation.


Session 4: Cutting The Chords That Bind:  Stage 4 Clearing

Through identifying unresolved relationship chords, I work to uncover ways that energy is being carried from others.  Utilizing the tools we have learned to date: chakra spinning, clearing with the wand, clearing with the rose and spinning the Star Tetrahedron, we will clear these chords.  In place of these chords, we will REPLACE them with Sacred Geometry to heal and re-pattern your chakra system with a higher vibration. You will be given chakra cards to work with in a series of meditation sessions, including chakra clearing meditation, to assist in re-patterning the chakras.

Tools: Sacred Geometry Activation Chakra Cards, Replacement Pattern meditation.


Session 5: Integration and Evaluation

Here, we review successful tools and strategies. I work to identify what phase you are in and explain how to tap into your current state to pave the road for future growth.



ThE Following additional work must be done in conjunction with a therapist. Referrals available upon request. 


Session 6: Introduction To The Chakras and the Inner Child


In my twenty years of experience studying psychotherapy and working with the chakra system, I’ve come to realize that the chakras mirror the stages of human development from infancy to adulthood.  

In conjunction with a trained therapist, I will facilitate a DEEP DIVE into your childhood history, working to clear old traumas, chords, beliefs and patterns.  In the process, we will connect you to these tender, pure parts of yourself, creating greater vitality and self-awareness, self-love and tools for self-care. I HAVE FOUND THESE TOOLS TO BE ESSENTIAL FOR SUCCESSFUL INTIMATE RELATIONSHIPS.

Suggested Reading: Homecoming by John Bradshaw & Getting the Love You Want by Harville Hendrix.


Session 7: Say Hello to the Baby in the Root Chakra

What was happening in your world at the time of your birth?  What was your mother’s emotional state, connection to support, general feelings about your arrival?  Did you feel welcomed, embraced and connected to her? Utilizing basic attachment theory principles, we will work to re-align your infant self with a sense of belonging, trust and connection to you, the WISE SELF-PARENT.  When the root chakra feels secure, all other chakras come into alignment.



Session 8: Integration & Evaluation


Session 9: Hello to the 2-year Old in the 2nd Chakra

Were you allowed to explore your world, be creative and experience freedom of expression?  Did you receive positive messages about separating from your mother, was she secure about you exploring the world?  Or did you receive messages of fear or constraint? What messages did you receive about your “self-hood”? Did you feel loved and lovable?  Valued? Respected as a child? Let’s explore identity development, sense of self, negative tapes and bring the WISE SELF-PARENT in to re-pattern and transform those old tapes.


Session 10: Hello to the School-age Child in the 3rd Chakra

What was your experience in school?  Did you enjoy learning? Did you make friends?  Did you feel a sense of power and mastery as you learned to read/write/do mathematics?  Or were you unhappy in school and not allowed to be creative or unique? Did you have a teacher that you loved or encouraged your gifts?  Let’s explore power development and sense of skill mastery at this level.


Session 11: Hello to the Teenager in the Heart Chakra

What was it like to be a teenager in your world?  Did you have good relationships? A first love? Did you enjoy high school activities, could you express yourself to adults and be heard? Did you have a supportive peer group?  How is love manifesting now in your life? How do you feel about belonging to a group, feeling supported by community, enjoying intimacy with a partner?


Session 12: Bringing it all Together as an Adult: Third Eye & Crown

Let’s look at how self-awareness, a strong sense of your Higher Self and Wise Adult contributed to CREATING the beautiful life you want:  balanced, abundant, happy and fulfilled.



Disclaimer:  Massage, acupressure and chakra balancing are not meant as a substitute for medical or psychological treatment.  I urge my clients to have a network of support before embarking on a path of complimentary therapies.  This ensures a successful and satisfying experience that can be sustained over time.  For urgent physical pain or emotional crisis, I recommend going to the nearest emergency room to seek professional treatment.