A 7- session series designed to dive deeper.


Through an inquiry into your history of injury and pain, we will explore areas of your body that may be holding deeper stories that yearn to be told.

The physical body often holds a "map" for healing past physical traumas and unresolved life events, so we will investigate through massage and gentle touch, where this energy is stored or blocked.

Utilizing energy tools of positive visualization, breath work, acupressure point release and crystal enhancements, we will incorporate ways to release, repair and re-pattern the body, creating greater freedom and self-awareness, and often relief from physical pain.  This "deep dive" is often done in conjunction with other health care providers involved as part of the client's overall support system.  Referrals available upon request.



Disclaimer:  Massage, acupressure and chakra balancing are not meant as a substitute for medical or psychological treatment.  I urge my clients to have a network of support before embarking on a path of complimentary therapies.  This ensures a successful and satisfying experience that can be sustained over time.  For urgent physical pain or emotional crisis, I recommend going to the nearest emergency room to seek professional treatment.