BASIC - Acupressure & Chakra Balancing

90 MINUTES • $150

During a basic acupressure session, I provide an introduction to the chakra system as it relates to the body.  In collaboration with each client, we do a scan of the body and identify any points where there may be tightness or tension.  Together, we then use breathing and relaxation techniques to release these feelings of tension, creating greater well-being and satisfaction.  I also teach basic clearing techniques to practice at home, and give each person a crystal wand and silk rose to practice their new tools.


ADVANCED - Acupressure & Chakra Balancing Extended

2 Hours •$200

Similar to the 90-minute session but with a deeper focus on energy tools, chakra clearing and positive affirmations.  I teach energy balancing tools, guided meditation and encourage the set-up of a regular meditation practice through my weekly webinar called Stay Attuned.


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