I see myself as a facilitator of sacred energy moving through the body.


Through the elegant and ancient design of the Chinese meridian system, I open up a space for people to “drop into,”  that allows them to experience a deeper connection to themselves, a greater understanding of their innate wisdom, and a peaceful sense of relaxation and well-being.  The Chinese meridian and point system is the way that the “Light Body” or the Soul Force, anchors in the physical body, and it is also the way negative emotions and pain are cleared away.  As we remove the blocks from emotional trauma and physical pain, more life force, “Chi” moves into the body, activating greater vitality, creativity, self-love and well-being.

My passion is to connect people to their sacred Soul Force (CHI) energy through clearing and balancing the chakra system. 

 Through many years of journeying on the healing path, as a single mother, as a ceremonialist and meditator for over 40 years, and through my bodywork training, I have experienced moments of deep connection to Oneness and All That IS.  I have lately felt more often than not, MERGED with this state in a feeling of sustained contentment and bliss. However, I also have known the PAIN OF SEPARATION from Oneness or Union at times, of course, and this is what motivates and inspires my work.  With deep compassion and reverence for every soul that comes to me, I know they are seeking this Union with their DIvine Nature, whether they can speak of it or not.  Through bodywork, acupressure and energy clearing tools, we QUIET the rational mind and get to the heart and the root cause of suffering for each person. Together, we co-create  a program for them to return HOME to a sense of CONNECTION TO SUSTAINED LOVE.

With 20 years’ of combined training and experience, I am a Licensed Massage Therapist and a Certified Acupressure Practitioner in Colorado and California, with a focus on emotional balancing and release. I am also a member of the Energy Medicine Professional Association and the Association of Massage and Bodywork Professionals.