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Massage + Acupressure

Chakra Balancing

hakásana healing System


Kathleen McGarry

I see myself as a facilitator of sacred energy moving through the body.  
Through the elegant and ancient design of the Chinese meridian system, I open up a space for people to “drop into,”  that allows them to experience a deeper connection to themselves, a greater understanding of their innate wisdom, and a peaceful sense of relaxation and well-being.  The Chinese meridian and point system is the way that the “Light Body” or the Soul Force, anchors in the physical body, and it is also the way negative stress and pain are cleared away.  As we remove the blocks in the physical body, more life force, “Chi” moves into the body, activating greater vitality, creativity, self-love and well-being.


Massage + Acupressure

Massage and acupressure are wonderful tools to develop something called “body-sensing”--a deeper connection to self, a feeling of groundedness and safety, peace and well-being.  There are specific acupressure flows to address issues of insomnia, digestion, pms/menopause, neck and shoulder tension, fatigue, low back pain, immunity and stress issues. Acupressure opens up channels in the body to allow more “life force or Chi” to move through it, creating greater well-being and relaxation.


Chakra Balancing

These sessions provide an introduction to the chakra system as it relates to the body and the Chinese meridian system.  In collaboration with you, we do a scan of the body and identify where there may be a feeling of tightness or tension particularly in the chakra centers of the pelvis/hips, belly, solar plexus heart, and neck area.  Together, we use breathing, acupressure and relaxation techniques to release these feelings of tension, creating greater well-being and satisfaction, greater Chi flow and ease. We will learn skills for energy balancing at home, and support for setting up a regular, sustained meditation practice that is generative, nurturing and fun.


Hakásana Healing System

This dynamic, immersive experience allows us to dive deeper into the body-sensing and letting go process of stress and pain management.  Explored through 7 sessions, we work with chakra healing meditations and visualizations, as well as special crystals to help identify sources of stress and pain, and release them.


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